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12 July - 16 July 2021

Prague, CZ



Future European Leaders Forum

Interested in EU affairs?


Passionate about debating issues with fellow opinion leaders?


Eager to make an impact in the EU?

Apply now for an outstanding opportunity to join 30 exceptional young people with diverse professional and academic background with a common goal - to shape the policy of tomorrow.


28 June -

2 July



Czernin Palace

Prague, Czech Republic


To inspire, connect, and empower

The mission of the Future European Leaders Forum (FELF) is to create a space for meaningful, open and inspiring formal and informal conversations and learning via different formats such as, for instance, teambuilding, workshops, simulations, trainings, panel discussions and networking receptions.

FELF is an integral part of the 6th annual Prague European Summit.


FELF meeting interconnects young people with experts and decision makers on a wide range of the most pressing issues on the European level.

Every year, an opportunity to have a tangible policy impact is given to 30 exceptional future leaders between the age of 21 and 30 (participants up to 35 y.o. may be considered) with diverse professional and academic background.

FELF summons individuals with a proven track record as opinion leaders in their fields of activity, including, but not limited to: politics, science, business, media, the arts, and civil society. We are looking for candidates who are creative, committed and passionate about reshaping the future of Europe.


Over the course of 5 days, FELF offers you to cultivate your not only professional knowledge, but also your negotiation, organisational, communicational and analytical skill all the while nurturing your creative thinking.


Your FELF experience will empower you, the young leader, to become a more active citizen and help you to make your voice heard on all levels, be it European, national or local or any other.

Join us in making Europe a better place!